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Study Abroad at Akita University

Akita University is a national university consisting of four undergraduate faculties and four graduate schools. The undergraduate faculties include the Faculty of International Resource Sciences, the Faculty of Education and Human Studies, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Engineering Science. The graduate schools include the Graduate School of International Resource Sciences, the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate School of Engineering Science. We actively promote international exchange and regularly accept many students from all over the world to participate in our various academic programs. Currently, there are more than 200 international students studying at Akita University.


About Akita

In Akita Prefecture, you can enjoy an abundance of nature and beautiful scenery such as the Shirakami Mountain Range (a World Heritage Site) as well as Japan’s deepest lake, Lake Tazawa.

Akita University is located in Akita City with a population of 300,000. As the capital city of Akita Prefecture, Akita City takes the central role in the regional politics and economy. Akita City also has convenient transportation systems as well as relatively little automobile traffic. Akita is one of the best destinations in Japan to study abroad!


Academic Calendar and Class Times

Annual Schedule

First Semester Second Semester
Entrance Ceremony,New International Students Orientation,Welcome Party:early April
Class Schedule:early April - early August
Farewell Party:late July - early August
September Graduation Ceremony:late September
New International Students Orientation,Welcome Party:late September
Class Schedule:early October - mid February
Farewell Party:late January - early February
Graduation Ceremony:late March
Summer Break: early August - late September, Winter Break: late December - January 8,
Spring Break: mid February - early April

Daily Class Times

Period 1 8:50-10:20
Period 2 10:30-12:00
Period 3 12:50-14:20
Period 4 14:30-16:00
Period 5 16:10-17:40

*Lessons are 90 minutes each

International Student Support


The International Affairs Division provides consultation services on various matters such as studying Japanese, general academic studies, communication issues, or other issues that arise in your student life.

University Health Center

The University Health Center provides free basic medical and counseling services. The center has full-time medical doctors and counselors who diagnose and treat physical and mental problems.

Tutor System

Newly arrived international students are assisted in their academic and daily lives by Japanese students who are assigned as personal tutors for international students. The duration of the tutorship is two years (maximum) for undergraduate students and one year for graduate students.