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Living Information

1.Private Apartments

Information on renting private apartments may be obtained from the Akita University co-op as well as from private estate agents. The average rent for a single room with a private kitchen, toilet, and bathroom is around 30,000 yen per month.

2.A guarantor of an apartment

Akita University can serve as guarantor of an apartment rental contract for international students under certain conditions. If international students cannot find their own guarantor and all of the following conditions apply, they may apply to have Akita University as their guarantor.
※Students must apply by postal mail from April, 2020
※Students who live in Akita and have not traveled outside of Akita prefecture in the last 14 days may submit the document at the International Affairs Division office.

Application conditions
(1) Students enrolled at Akita University or who are certain to be enrolled.
(2) Students who have a status of residence for studying abroad.
(3) Students enrolled in the "Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Insurance)"

"Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Insurance)"

This insurance allows international students living in apartments to receive a certain amount of money if they damage someone else's property due to an accident such as a fire or water leak. In addition, the guarantor will also be compensated in the case of late rental payments or in the event that the guarantor has to bear the expenses for the repair or the restoration of the room. In this case, the guarantor refers to Akita University.
"Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Insurance)" Website

Application procedure

For the landlord/real estate agency


For students

■Notice of Lease Termination(WordPDF
Bank Account Registration

Support to the insurance fee

A part of the insurance coverage fee for the insurance will be subsidized as follows from the Mirai Creation Fund of Akita University.

Period of indemnity Premium Support
2 years 8,000 yen 5,000 yen
1 year 4,000 yen 2,500 yen

3.Life Expenses

Here are some examples of students’ monthly living expenses:

Private Apartments

Boarding fee 30,000yen Books, School Supplies, etc. 7,000yen
Food cost 30,000yen Leisure 5,000yen
Utility costs 8,000yen Miscellaneous 5,000yen
Transportation cost 0yen Total

4.Prayer Room

Akita University Graduate School of International Resource Sciences provides a prayer room for all students to use.

Name Student prayer room
Location Room309, located in the International Resource Sciences Faculty Building No.1
Availability From 7am to 11 pm
Notes There is a place for washing hands and feet.
Contact International Resource Sciences Office