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Programs for International Students

1. Degree Programs

Most courses are held in Japanese, therefore an advanced-level of Japanese language ability is required.

Click below to go to the respective Faculty and Graduate School's website:

  • 教育文化学部
  • 医学部
  • 工学資源学部
  • 教育学研究科
  • 医学系研究科
  • 工学資源学研究科

Please refer to this page for Admission information.

*The graduate school of Engineering and Resource Science offers a special program conducted in English for Doctorate program students.
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2. Exchange Programs

Students enrolled in one of our many partner-universities are eligible to participate in our Exchange Program. The examination fee, admission fee, and tuition fees are waived under the Student Exchange Agreement.

  1. Akita University Experiential Program (AUEP)

The AUEP is a special program conducted in English designed for the students whose Japanese language level is Beginner or Elementary. The program aims to help students acquire Japanese language proficiency and gain an understanding of Japanese culture.  This is a one year program starting in October.

・AUEP Course Guide 2012 - 2013Akita University Experiential Program (AUEP)

Application Period: beginning in early May

General Program

As with the AUEP, the goal of this program is to acquire Japanese language proficiency and gain an understanding of Japanese culture, but students can choose to start either in April or October. They may also choose the duration of the program (either one semester or one year). Degree seeking students and research students may also take the courses in this program.

・A Guide to General Program 工学資源学研究科 博士後期課程PDFダウンロード

Application Period: late October for Spring Semester admissions, late May for Fall Semester admissions


3. Short-term Programs for Partner Universities (2 weeks to 3months)

We offer customized programs to fit the needs of our partner universities who are looking to send groups of students to Japan for concentrated studies. For detailed information, please contact the International Exchange Center.
*JASSO, a short-term scholarship, may be available to students.

Program Example: "Sonya and Roz's Project from Griffith University"