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Message from the Director of Venture Business Laboratory

Since establishment of Venture Business Laboratory (VBL) at Akita University in May 2001, the major research themes in VBL, Akita University are (1) the development of new recycling technologies for recovery of rare metals, (2) the development of advanced functional materials. These advanced research in scientific areas covers a wide range of fields including resources, environment, materials, machines, electronics, information technology, nanotechnology and life sciences. Among them a main research aim of VBL is to advance recycling technologies of rare metals and to lead to the development of new materials toward a sustainable society. In order to complete this target, an important thing is to propel these core research project at Akita University.
Every year we welcome many researchers, professors and visitors from all over the world.  You have the opportunity to join us at VBL and work together with our active members and students on the core and interdisciplinary research fields including advanced mineral and metallurgical processing, and eco-friendly recycling technology for recovering of rare metals from natural and secondary resources. There is also development of innovative functional and intelligent materials containing the rare metals, life science and environmental in relation to rare metals for sustainable society.

Director: Prof., Dr. Atsushi Shibayama