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Nogoshi Regional Disaster Prevention Adviser Gave a Lecture


On Monday March 28, Akita Citizens' Media Study Class held an open lecture. Regional Disaster Prevention Adviser Mitsuo Nogoshi was the speaker. This lecture was organized to teach attendees information about earthquakes, it having been just five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. Around 10 people attended the lecture.

Adviser Nogoshi began with the basics of seismology. He talked about the natural mechanisms behind how earthquakes work, starting with the world and then narrowing his focus to Japan and Tohoku.. He also introduced the latest research developments, talked about why the Great East Japan Earthquake was so big, asked whether it was really an unexpected disaster, and more. At the end, he talked about earthquake’s effect on the environment, and warned that in addition to considering the threats of earthquakes and tsunami, we need to carefully keep in mind the threat of liquefaction from the Sea of Japan Earthquake of 1983.

After the lecture, attendees asked, "If a tsunami happened, how far inland would it reach?" and "Isn’t it important to think of ways to help each other in Akita Prefecture where the population is aging?" It seemed the lecture was fulfilling.

The Local Disaster Prevention Division of the Center for Regional Development is giving lectures and classes on natural disasters at schools, local governments, and companies for the safety of Akita Prefecture.

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