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Akita University Official Smoked Pickles Exhibition was Held in Yokote



From Tuesday April 5 till Thursday April 14, Akita University Yokote Branch School held an exhibition at Y² Plaza in Yokote City. The exhibition was about Akita University's Official "Iburibody" smoked pickles and it was titled "Seven Years Since Iburibody's Birth! The Secret of Akita University's Official Iburibody Smoked Pickles".

This exhibition was also held at the Information Center, Tegata Campus from March 23 till March 31. This time Akita University’s goal was to provide local people from Yokote with an opportunity to know more about the Iburibody project. Yokote is where the Iburibody project’s activities to make the smoked pickles is carried out.

The Iburibody project started in 2009 as a regional contribution project. One of the goals of the project was for Akita University students to be able to play a central role in and learn how to make Akita's traditional smoked pickles. The students were consistently involved in the process from planting Japanese radish seeds to selling the finished product. 2015 marked the 7th year since its conception.

At the exhibition, each part of the process was displayed clearly with descriptions and pictures. Also, leaflets were displayed and given out which showcased each year’s individual style. These leaflets were originally distributed along with the product each year. A video of the students when they were doing activities was played on a big screen. Attendees stopped and watched the video. It seemed like they were impressed by the students hard work.