Emergency Acceptance Program for Students and Researchers at Risk Following the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

We are pleased to announce that, for students and researchers who are unable to secure a safe place to study or conduct research due to the armed invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the Akita University has decided to temporarily accept them and provide special educational and research environment.

Akita University has been building a flexible education and research system in collaboration with local and global institutions in order to accept motivated young people from Japan and overseas and develop excellent human resources. Due to the current crisis, many students and researchers are unable to secure a safe place to study or conduct research. We have been considering how Akita University can provide some kind of humanitarian support to these people, and we announced the acceptance of students and started concrete actions related to student support on April 25. This time, we will also start a program for researchers to temporarily accept them at Akita University and provide a research environment. In addition to promptly opening the research environment that can be provided as a university, the University will also provide financial support (such as payment of travel and living expenses), housing support, and living support.

<1> Emergency Acceptance Programs for students

Please contact us from the website of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

<2> Emergency Acceptance Programs for researchers

(1) First, please check the list of programs in the table below.
* List of Programs for researchers

(2) If you find a program/status that you would like to apply for in the table below, please contact us by e-mail with following information (ukr@jimu.akita-u.ac.jp).
1. Last Name
2. Given Names
3. Country of citizenship
4. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)
5. Gender
6. Name of Home University/Institution
7. Name of Faculty / School
8. Field of study
9. Name of the Department that you hope to apply for at the Akita University
10. CV or Educational Back Ground
11. English Proficiency (Select from the following)
I attend a university /program where English is the language of instruction.
I have TOEFL iBT 90+ / IELTS 6.5+ / Cambridge English Good
12. Japanese Proficiency (Select from the following)
I have JLPT N1or N2
13. Other languages (you speak)
14. Current Address
15. E-mail Address
16. Phone No.
17. Please inform us of your current situation
18. Any other information (optional)

(3) Acceptance is subject to a review process. Please be aware that you may not be accepted if your area of specialization or requirements do not match or depending on the screening process at each department.

<3> Support for families of students and researchers

Akita University is also considering to accept children of researchers and/or students into the attached kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school. In that case, in addition to the above inquiries, please contact us (ukr@jimu.akita-u.ac.jp) with the following information.
1. Number of family members (except yourself)
2. Name of each family member
3. Date of birth of each family member
4. Gender of each family member
5. Current occupation or grade of each family member
6. Special requests and circumstances regarding the acceptance of family