秋田大学国際資源学研究科にゴディリルウェ ラボーネ ロライン助教が着任しました


Godirilwe Labone Lorraine(ゴディリルウェ ラボーネ ロライン)助教が、10月1日付けで資源開発環境学専攻に着任しました。
先生に研究分野(Research field)について伺いました。

My research specialty is extractive metallurgy, and my research work involves developing advanced processing technologies to efficiently recover value metals from resources that are complex or challenging to process while considering greener technologies that have a reduced environmental loading. With the recent inevitable change in ore structures and different resource supplies from urban mining, it is important to develop processing technologies that can handle and efficiently recover metals from these various resources. Having worked in the mining industry, I am aware that conventional methods of processing are becoming inefficient in handling complex, hard-to-treat, or high-impurity resources. My goal is to equip the youth with skills to develop innovative processing technologies as these may be the key to ensuring future metal availability.

Message to Akita university students

My message to Akita University students; everything big, starts small. Do not underestimate the efforts or contributions you have in mind in your study field, pursue your passion. As someone who has studied abroad in Canada and Japan, from Botswana, I encourage you to challenge yourselves with an international experience, you will gain a global perspective and learn about yourself in the process.